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About Us

The members of our collective are committed to learning, sharing, and developing practices of sustainability and movement-building. Our goal is to impart the necessary skills other collectives need to create sustainable & effective long-term community spaces. Throughout the Line 3 pipeline fight, our members built housing structures, green-houses, lodges, storage spaces & medic shacks to accomodate the needs of incoming Water Protectors & to maintain a high level of awareness in regard to the environmental impacts these structures may of had. 

When we formed the Sustainable Spaces Collective in Spring 2021 our goal was to take all that we had learned in our own experiences on the frontlines, in movement spaces, and sustainable building, & create a network of activists and spaces devoted to:

a) Promoting sustainable housing and food security practices through our popular education in order to

b) encourage the use of sustainable practices in movement spaces & communities ultimately boosting

c) the capacity of communities to rely on and advocate for more regenerative networks in wake of systemic and environmental disparity. 

Thus, SSC hopes to participate in ensuring that movement spaces & communities are taking care of the environment not only in their defense but by limiting the environmental degradation often associated with the quick development of frontline spaces. We also believe it is crucial that environmental defenders, & affected communities, are able to get their needs met on the frontlinesÔÇôspaces that tend to bring together some of the most vulnerable, low-income, and POC-heavy populations.

The Sustainable Spaces Collective is foundationally about empowering communities to pursue their own resource sovereignty and, eventually, abstain from the conventional corporate-capitalist economy.

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