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SSC Community School(s) Project: Coming soon!

Our collective is purchasing land devoted to hosting free workshops, year-round.

The space will function as a community space and is projected to open late Summer 2024 in the Midwest with our team spending approximately one year developing sustainable infrastructure while simultaneously hosting free workshops on the techniques being used.


We plan to offer classes in a wide range of topics including but not limited to: 


Natural Building

This includes:
-Twine & Wood-Lash building,
-Earthen & cob building,
-Rocket Mass stoves and thermally centered building methods,
-Waddle (Waddle raised woven garden-beds/compost bins)


This includes:
-Make your own Broom/Rake workshop,
-Crude basket workshop,
-How-to tri/bi-pods & simple machines workshop,
-Wood-spoon carving workshop,
-Carving your own fiber craft accessories (Yarn needles, Crochet hook),
-Brick-making workshop,
-the first glue (& hollow book making) workshop, & Tree-sap resin torch/Glue making workshop

Natural pottery

This includes:
-Find your own clay workshop (Refine clay out of the ground),
-Wood-fire pottery firing workshop,
-How to make your own wood fire kiln,
-Tile making workshop,
-Pottery glaze experiment workshop (Salt glazing,
-Ash glazing, Crush your own glaze formulas!)

Wood Stoves

This includes:
-Setup your own wood stove workshop,
-Build your own earthen wood-stove (brick, stone, cob),
-Rocket-mass Stove workshop

Natural Cooking

This includes:
-Make your own Natural Soda(s) workshop (ginger bug, pine needle…),
-Acorn Jelly workshop,
-Preserving food with fire smoke,
-DIY Wine workshop,
-DIY Vinegar workshop,
-Cooking with a cob oven workshop,
Root cellar workshop

Fibre crafts

This includes:
-Processing Raw wool workshop (cleaning, carding/roving-making),
-Intro to spinning& drop spindle workshop,
-Intro to cordage making workshop

Animal Rendering

This includes:
-Soap-Making workshop,
-Candle-making workshop,
-Processing sinew workshop,
-Hide-tanning workshop,
-Bone jewelry workshop