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Sustainable Spaces School (Coming Soon) 

SSC is purchasing land devoted to hosting free workshops, year-round. The space will function as a school and is projected to open late Spring 2024 with our team working on developing physical earthen infrastructure throughout the remainder of the year. We plan to offer classes in a wide range of topics including but not limited to: 

Twine Lash

    > Gazebo workshop    

    > Simple A-frame workshop 

    >  Shed workshop

    > Bookshelf/Shelf workshop

    >Twine lash impromptu infrastructure workshop

Making simple tools 

    > Make your own Broom/Rake workshop

    > Crude basket workshop

    > How-to tri/bi-pods & simple machines workshop

    > Wood spoon carving workshop

    > Carving your own fiber craft accessories (Yarn needles, Crochet hook)

    > Brick making workshop

    > Birch Bark Knife Sheath workshop

    > Wheat paste, the first glue (& hollow book making) workshop

    > Tree-sap resin torch/Glue making workshop 


    >Timber framing workshop 

    > Waddle raised woven garden-bed/compost bin workshop

    > Fire 101 workshop  


    >Find your own clay workshop (Refine clay out of the ground)

    >Woodfire pottery firing workshop

    >How to make your own wood fire kiln

    >Tile making Workshop

    >Pottery glaze experiment workshop (Salt glazing, Ash glazing, Crush stuff into glaze formulas!)


    >Set up your own wood stove workshop

    > Build your own earthen wood-stove (brick, stone, cob)


    >Cob oven workshop

    >Simple Cob Structure workshop

    >Insulated cob structures workshop

    >Rocket mass stove workshop


    >Build your own forge

    >Impromptu anvils & forge tools

    >Simple knives

    >Building a smelting furnace

    >Making ingots

Working with roadkill- Animal Rendering

    >Soap Making workshop

    >Candle-making workshop 

    >Processing sinew workshop

    >Hide-tanning workshop

    >Bone jewelry workshop    

Natural Cooking   

¬† ¬† > Make your own Natural Soda(s) workshop (ginger bug, pine needle…)

    >Acorn Jelly 

    >Preserving food with fire smoke

    >DIY Wine workshop

    >DIY Vinegar workshop

    >Cooking with a cob oven workshop

Fibre Crafts

    >Processing Raw wool workshop (cleaning, carding/roving-making)

    >Intro to spinning-drop spindle workshop

    >Intro to cordage making workshop 


    >Street Medicine 101

    > Direct Action History

    >NVDA Training (including de-escalation, de-arrest, etc.)

    >Police Liaison Training


Line 5

We follow the leadership of local land defenders & offer our aid in providing infrastructure and the use of our bodies to end the Line 5 threat and the danger it poses to the waters of the Great Lakes. 


Cob oven workshop

Gardening projects

*We created a low cost greenhouse and composting bin as part of the Babaamaanakwwad community space


-Support & participation in the movement to Stop Line 3

-Yearly collaboration and technical assistance at the Water is Life Festival in Michigan

Housing/Natural Building

-7 Wood & Twine-Lash buildings through our Natural Housing Initiative

-A cob pizza oven and covered structure built with fully harvested materials at a family farm in Menomonie, WI

Harm Reduction

-Construction and maintenance of a full-sized medic building to support access to & distribution of Narcan & other basic medical supplies

-Collaboration on harm reduction & street medic trainings with Street medic collectives

Grant writing

-$50,000 awarded to community spaces through our Grant Writing Initiative